Cobol Copybook Transformations

The plugin contains transformations that are used to read binary data that is encoded as a Cobol copybook to structured data that is native Kafka Connect. For example this functionality could be used to convert data from Cobol copybooks to JSON or Avro when utilizing the proper Converter.


This project is still in an experimental phase.


This project needs data for unit testing. Any copybook definitions with corresponding example data will greatly aid the overall quality of this project. If you can provide some example(s) please open an issue.



The preferred method of installation is to utilize the Confluent Hub Client.

Confluent Hub

The plugin is hosted on the Confluent Hub. Installation through the Confluent Hub Client is simple. Use the following command line.

confluent-hub install jcustenborder/kafka-connect-transform-cobol:latest

Manual Installation

  1. Compile the source code with mvn clean package
  2. Create a subdirectory called kafka-connect-transform-cobol under the plugin.path on your connect worker.
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file from target/components/packages/ to the directory you created in the previous step.
  4. Restart the connect worker.