Return the user associated with the status. This can be null if the instance is from User.getStatus().


Name Type Required Description
Id INT64 false Returns the id of the user
Name STRING false Returns the name of the user
ScreenName STRING false Returns the screen name of the user
Location STRING false Returns the location of the user
Description STRING false Returns the description of the user
ContributorsEnabled BOOLEAN false Tests if the user is enabling contributors
ProfileImageURL STRING false Returns the profile image url of the user
BiggerProfileImageURL STRING false  
MiniProfileImageURL STRING false  
OriginalProfileImageURL STRING false  
ProfileImageURLHttps STRING false  
BiggerProfileImageURLHttps STRING false  
MiniProfileImageURLHttps STRING false  
OriginalProfileImageURLHttps STRING false  
DefaultProfileImage BOOLEAN false Tests if the user has not uploaded their own avatar
URL STRING false Returns the url of the user
Protected BOOLEAN false Test if the user status is protected
FollowersCount INT32 false Returns the number of followers
ProfileBackgroundColor STRING false  
ProfileTextColor STRING false  
ProfileLinkColor STRING false  
ProfileSidebarFillColor STRING false  
ProfileSidebarBorderColor STRING false  
ProfileUseBackgroundImage BOOLEAN false  
DefaultProfile BOOLEAN false Tests if the user has not altered the theme or background
ShowAllInlineMedia BOOLEAN false  
FriendsCount INT32 false Returns the number of users the user follows (AKA “followings”)
CreatedAt Timestamp false  
FavouritesCount INT32 false  
UtcOffset INT32 false  
TimeZone STRING false  
ProfileBackgroundImageURL STRING false  
ProfileBackgroundImageUrlHttps STRING false  
ProfileBannerURL STRING false  
ProfileBannerRetinaURL STRING false  
ProfileBannerIPadURL STRING false  
ProfileBannerIPadRetinaURL STRING false  
ProfileBannerMobileURL STRING false  
ProfileBannerMobileRetinaURL STRING false  
ProfileBackgroundTiled BOOLEAN false  
Lang STRING false Returns the preferred language of the user
StatusesCount INT32 false  
GeoEnabled BOOLEAN false  
Verified BOOLEAN false  
Translator BOOLEAN false  
ListedCount INT32 false Returns the number of public lists the user is listed on, or -1 if the count is unavailable.
FollowRequestSent BOOLEAN false Returns true if the authenticating user has requested to follow this user, otherwise false.
WithheldInCountries ARRAY < STRING > true Returns the list of country codes where the user is withheld